1973 Safari

This classic 1973 Safari Land Yacht has a full bath with shower in the rear, a couch with vista capturing windows in the front, adjoining the kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with a four burner gas range and oven, a sink with running water, a refrigerator with freezer, and even a microwave. The gold countertops bring the 70's right back into your mind.

The bedroom in between the kitchen and the bath and features a second couch with a dresser and wardrobe closets. A 19-inch flat screen TV is mounted on an articulated arm so that it can be seen from either couch, and has a 12 volt DVD player so you can enjoy a good movie at night or on a rainy afternoon. This trailer sleeps 4 and has both air conditioning and a forced air furnace. 

amenities: 2 double beds, TV & DVD player, AM/FM stereo w/ CD, 4 burner range w/ oven, gas/electric fridge & freezer, gas furnace, A/C, toilet, shower, awning, 45 gal freshwater, 17 gal blackwater