Classic, Luxury Camping


We fell in love with vintage Airstreams in 2008 and have been restoring and enjoying them with our family ever since. There is nothing quite like hitting the road with your loved ones in a fully restored, newly polished, vintage camper. You'll be amazed at the nostalgia and awe that people have for the older Airstreams. There's just nothing cooler than loading up the family, hooking onto a classic camper and heading wherever the road takes you.

Whether you're looking for help finding and renovating your own or would like to rent one of ours, we welcome you to the world of classic, luxury camping. 

John and Wendy Abbott



Renovation and Repairs

Need repairs or have a vintage camper you'd like to bring back to life? We love to share our passion and help others improve their classic RVs with same care we put into ours.


Try before you buy or just enjoy a classic RV without the expense of ownership.  We offer rental Airstreams with the option of a Suburban to tow. Go wherever your journey takes you.


Check out our fully restored and ready to renovate units. Have a size and year your looking for? We can help you search and assess the condition before you buy. 

We're famous!!

Retro RVs was recently featured on The List TV, your "go-to destination for the hottest life hacks, pop culture trends, deals, gadgets and DIY projects that simplify your life."  

We had a great time visiting with Kristina and sharing the options we have for enjoying a vintage RV. We shared our tips and trips for buying, renovating and restoring. Then we walk her through some of our rental units for those part time adventurers or people who want to try before they buy.