Depending on the year of your RV, electrical systems can be out of date. Pre - 60's units don't contain a safety ground and should be updated to meet the safety standards of today. We'll help you make sure your unit is safe and can also update for addition features such as TV, WiFi, and air conditioning. 

A/C Units

RetroRVs can service or install your RV's air conditioning. For older units, install may require some updating of electrical panels, wiring and frame support. We'll walk you through the safest and most economical options.


If you'd like to get completely off the grid while still providing power to your RV--try solar. The technology has progressed quickly in the last few years. We can get you set up with the most compact, efficient and cost effective options.

TV, Satellite & Sound

How about a little technology on the open road?  We can equip your RV with satellite, WiFi receivers, digital over-the-air antennas,  and complete surround sound.