Green Pipe - Polypropolene pipe from Germany

Green Pipe is the latest and greatest plumbing pipe and it really belongs in any RV. It is clearly better than copper or PEX for water supply lines in RVs. The fittings are welded to the pipe using a specialized 450-degree heating iron. This makes one solid piece that will not shake loose. And it will not break, even when frozen. Copper lines split open when they freeze. PEX pipe can handle freezing, but the fittings can not and are prone to vibration failures in RVs. Plus Green Pipe has no scale buildup and leaves no funny taste. It really does belong in any RV, new or vintage.

RetroRVs is one of the first companies to offer Green Pipe in RVs in the country. We replace all the water lines with Green Pipe, welding each fitting onto the pipes. Transition fittings, made from lead free brass, are used to connect to standard plumbing at the faucets and elsewhere. Winterizing becomes a breeze. Just open all the faucets, flush the toilet, and drain the water & waste tanks. No need to blow lines out with air or fill them with anti-freeze. And Green Pipe will last a lifetime. So do it right, and do it only once.